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About Themis

Link the World with Blockchain

Touch the Future with Forecasting

The Problems

Information lacks openness and transparency.

Information and financial security can not be guaranteed.

Centralization impedes the development of payment methods and platform intelligentization.

The Solutions

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Blockchain provides a credible decentralized trading environment for forecasting market. It ensures that the forecasting process is not manipulated, and provides a foundation for diversified information on which collective intelligence depends.

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Crowd-sourced Wisdom

It is more accurate and reliable than the traditional analysis and forecasting methods to forecast an event by gathering the wisdom of crowds and then to help people make decisions.

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Value Driven

Through the incentive mechanism, make the forecasting produce value and motivates the participants to express their own judgment more truthfully, greatly reducing the randomness of human forecasting and maximizing the advantages of socialized forecasting.

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Fairness & Justness

The open, transparent, and tamper-resistant forecasting process is monitored by the masses and thus guarantees the fairness of the market. Through the arbitration mechanism, it can prevent the initiator from interfering with the market order and promote the healthy operation of the forecasting market.

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THEMIS - Roadmap